Ordering Product Guide

 Troubleshoot Your Order Form  

This article is here to assist you with the error messages you may be receiving on your order form due to invalid information. Please read the error messages and their resolutions below:    

Error message: Invalid credit card number  
What to do: Please ensure your credit card number is entered correctly.    

Error message: Invalid billing address  
What to do: Please ensure all of the address fields under your billing information are correct. If you selected “Same as Shipping Address” for your billing info, please go back to the Shipping Info field and ensure all of the address fields are correct.  

Error message: Invalid expiration  
What to do: Please ensure the expiration date fields under your payment information are correct. Please note that the expiration date format is (MM) and (YYYY). For example, if your expiration date is 01.2021, please enter the expiration date fields as 01 and 2021.  

Error message: CVV must be 3 or 4 digits (depending on the card)  
What to do: Please ensure that the CVV field matches the CVV on your debit or credit card.  

If you are still unable to place your order after following this troubleshooting guide, please contact us and we will assist you with your order.

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