After starting your products I noticed that my blood pressure numbers became normal and I was able to come off of blood pressure medication. 

Thank you 🙏 

Brenda K


 Pineal power is a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful elixir for me. It is like a morning cuppa coffee for me. Even though I never did drink coffee. It gives me a little boost and I feel a little clearer in the head, my thoughts. Wonderful combination. Thank you so much for distributing. 

Sharon S


WOW, I have to say I totally love Pineal Chill. I am a pretty good sleeper but sometimes I need a
little help. Not only do I sleep deep and soundly, but my dreams are so much more vivid and fun. I feel I have a whole other life going on at night now.

Mathew F


 I am awed by how great I feel when I take my daily scoop. It has an immediate impact on my mental clarity, concentration, focus, determination and energy. I am less prone to distraction and mental fogginess and, combined with my daily meditation practice, the effects on my general well-being are undeniable. It is a blessing to be able to enjoy and benefit from such an amazing product.

Marcella L


I Love Heart Center Boost! With everything going on in the world with COVID, I feel I am giving my immune system the boost it needs. So thankful for this unique formula.

James M


 I and my Dispenza Friends... we tried it, it is sooooooo good! Good taste, good reaction, clear mind, no brain fog in the morning, we tell everyone.The next time we have to buy moooooore! 

Send you big hugs from Vienna,

Gerda A


I have been using both Heart Center Boost and Pineal Power now for over a year. I find that it gives me more physical energy as well as mental clarity. While it is easy to just mix it in a liquid, I found that I never forget to take it when I add it to my morning smoothie. Thanks for a great and supportive product.

Mary O


I love Pineal Power. It gives me the mental boost when I need it. I feel so much more clear and alert. I love that it is in a drinkable powdered form too, I feel the results almost straight away.
Thanks Dr. Joe!!!!

Karen S


As soon as I started PIneal Power I could really feel the difference & extra energy in my brain. I get more benefit from my morning meditation and feel more focused throughout the day.


Edel H 


I love Heart Center Boost...I believe this product is supporting and nurturing my immune system. Heart Center Boost tastes good and I take it each morning. I highly recommend Heart Center Boost!

Sharon P


I am such a skeptic when it comes to supplements.  But after attending an advanced workshop with Dr. Joe, I thought here is someone I trust.  In just two weeks I found that this supplement( Pineal Power) gives me so much clarity, calm and direction during the day and wonderful dreams and sleep at night.  Just ordered another 3 month supply and am turning my friends on to it.

 Thank you Dr. Joe

Martha F


I’m just so very grateful to feel a noticeable difference physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically, and it’s because of Pineal Power. Thank you, from the depths of my being.

Becky D


Absolutely LOVE Heart Center Boost and Pineal Power...I am having the best results in increased energy!  Pineal Chill is amazing also!  I now experience my mind awake while my body is completely at rest as I practice the 4 hour meditations!..in addition to providing greater clarity for my mind and deeper rest for my body!  I highly recommend!!!
Stacia M